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There is no safer place to be right now than in your own garden.  Please contact us if you would like suggestions on how to make your garden more beautiful for this Spring.  We can take care of all your landscaping with no contact and little footprint.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by Beauty.

Dirt Beauty is a landscape design business founded by film producer and director, Patricia Foulkrod.  Dirt Beauty creates sustainable beauty by integrating gorgeous, water efficient plants into existing and new gardens, often incorporating beautiful planters and containers to create... More Beauty Less Water

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DIRT BEAUTY:  More Beauty Less Water

Dirt Beauty
Dirt Beauty Succulents

DIRT BEAUTY is located in Santa Monica, California. We specialize in redesigning and uplifting gardens by integrating the best qualities of an existing garden with various new elements. We install colorful, drought tolerant plants and convert all sprinklers to drip lines. Sprinklers give plants a shower, drip lines give them a bath. This not only saves water, it is also a more effective watering system. 

We incorporate boulders, river rocks, polished stones, walk-on bark, a variery of pavers, and we install sod and high-quality artificial turf.  Finally, we create beautiful, dramatic, containers for patios and hardscape areas as creative solutions to bring more beauty into our gardens.

In 2014, I transitioned from a 30-year career producing and directing films to landscape design. Six years later, I have completed over eighty landscape projects, often transforming a canvas of dirt into a sustainable, beautiful garden.  California gardens do not have to suffer because of our drought and our planet's climate change. 

My landscaping experiences and evolving knowledge affirms to me every day that it is possible for us to live well in a lovely garden with More Beauty Less Water!  

I hope we see you soon. 
Patricia Foulkrod

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